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It's a new Guinness World Record!!

Thu 28th May 2015

Wednesday 27th June saw the Mission Rabies team enter the Guinness Book of Records with a new world record for 'the greatest number of people attending and participating in a pet health awareness lesson at a single venue'.

Almost 1,800 local children, teachers and residents participated in this giant lesson teaching the facts about rabies and how to protect yourself against the deadly disease. 

Mission Rabies has been conducting a mass rabies vaccination campaign in the Blantyre area of Malawi with a planned 30,000 dogs being vaccinated. Linked in to this is the vital education component and in just one month, over 43,000 children have been taught a lesson on how to avoid dog bites and what to do if you are bitten.

From 1st June, WVS teams will start a targeted mass sterilisation campaign in the same areas. This combined approach of rabies vaccinations followed by sterilisation will result in a smaller dog population that is much healthier and less likely to cause dog bites. 

Projects like this one in Malawi are a massive benefit to both the local people and the dogs alike. Please support us, so we can carry out even more work and save more lives.