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ITC Achievements in 2013

Mon 20th Jan 2014

2013 was a great year for our International Training Centre (ITC), based in Southern India and it has grown from strength to strength since it was first set up in 2010.

Last year, the ITC was able to train more vets and animal welfare workers than ever before, treat more animals and vaccinate more dogs against rabies. Here is how our ITC got on in 2013:

  • Total training courses: 30
  • Vets trained: 278 (40 more than in 2012)
  • Other animal welfare workers trained: 63
  • Animals treated: 1050 - almost 3x more than in 2012
  • Dogs vaccinated against rabies: 7044 

The ITC also works with local communities and provides free mobile equine veterinary clinics. In India, donkeys and horses are relied on by many families to make a living. They are often over worked and exposed to unconventional methods of trying to improve their efficiency. By providing basic animal welfare education and providing the donkeys with the veterinary care and attention they need, we drastically improve their day-to-day life.

During the 2013 equine clinics, the ITC was able to treat a total of 468 horses and donkeys. We have plans to continue and expand our equine clinics through 2014. To find out more and support our work with donkeys.

We are in need of vet volunteers throughout the year to help run courses at the ITC. We also offer courses to Vet Students and New Grads looking to gain surgical experience. To find out more about these placements and have a look at the WVS projects.