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Innovative Technology and Proven Benefits: The Science Behind Laser Therapy

Tue 5th Jun 2018

We're currently fundraising for two life-saving LiteCure Lasers for our Indian training centres, a valuable piece of equipment that will help treat thousands of animals in its lifetime. But why laser therapy? 

Here at WVS we believe in providing the best care possible to animals regardless of where in the world we're working! Laser therapy has already enabled our Thai centre to improve their care over the past year, treating wounds without the need for invasive surgery, and our veterinary teams are really seeing the benefits! Therefore we want to be able to offer the same level of first-class care at our two training centres in India! 

With thanks to support from Companion Animal Health, we'd like to share some of the scientific research that has backed up the benefits of this equipment, to show the difference it really can make to our projects and more importantly, the animals we treat every day. 

Click on the following documents to learn more about this exciting equipment and the important work it can allow our veterinary teams to continue!

We know this piece of equipment can have a life-saving difference to some of our patients who arrive at our centres. But we need the help of our amazing supporters to make this a reality. Please visit our Justgiving page for full information and donate today!