Injured and Abandoned: Mable's Move to the WVS Clinic

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Injured and Abandoned: Mable's Move to the WVS Clinic

Wed 6th Jun 2018

WVS has worked alongside the Blantyre SPCA clinic in Malawi for a number of years, providing the only source of veterinary care in the region and helping hundreds of dogs just like Mable. 

A member of the community spotted Mable near her house and was shocked at how skinny the dog was looking. She was also limping quite badly and it was this heartbreaking scene that led her to call WVS. We sent one of our veterinary experts to check up on her and found that she was weak and severely emaciated as well as having an infected wound on her leg which was causing the limp. 

After locating Mable's owner, they seemed unaware of her suffering and so she was surrendered to the BSPCA and the WVS vets. It was thanks to our close relationship with the local community that we're able to help animals like this, and help educate people on pet ownership and animal welfare to ensure dogs like Mable are cared for correctly. 

Our vets treated her wound and after further treatment and some good food, she is now fit and healthy and is ready to be adopted to a loving home. She will continue to live at our clinic until a good home with a loving family can be found for her!

If you'd like to help us care for more animals like Mable, in areas of the world where veterinary care is desperately needed, please donate today. Together, we can be the difference.