India: Chunky Chica, a street dog in need

India: Chunky Chica, a street dog in need

A street dog, fondly named "Chunky Chica," was rescued by our team in India.

She was spotted with a big lacerated wound on the left side of the thorax, which seemed to have been made by a sharp object, and was in need of veterinary attention.

On arrival at our veterinary clinic in Goa, Chunky Chica was visibly anxious, scared, and in immense pain. She was given pain relief medication and warm food to comfort her.

The following day she was sedated whilst the veterinary team treated her wound. Due to the injury being a few days old, the edges and part of the muscles had become necrotic. The team worked carefully to debride (remove the damaged tissue) and clean the wound thoroughly.

Unfortunately, the tear was too extensive and infected for the wound to be sutured shut initially. Instead, the Chunky Chica was started on antibiotics and daily wound flushing and dressing to clear the infection and accelerate the healing process. Within a week, the wound had improved significantly and began to contract.

It was now time for surgery to close the wound.

Whilst Chunky Chica was under general anaesthesia, the team sutured the wound shut. Due to the size of the wound, they also placed a drain tube under the skin to prevent bacteria from getting trapped and encourage drainage of any fluids.

Under the watchful eye of the veterinary team, Chunky Chica recovered well post-surgery, and her wound healed completely without any complications within a week. Healthy and extremely happy, she was released back into her home territory.

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