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How well do you know WVS?

Fri 23rd Sep 2016

Well, now is the time to find out, so why not test your knowledge on all things WVS!

Answer the 10 questions below and submit your entry to us, to be in with a chance of winning, all 10 questions need to be answered correctly and a winner will be picked at random who will win a signed copy of Luke Gamble's book. Don't forget to share the post on facebook or if you have seen this quiz on twitter, please retweet it.

1) How many International Training Centres do we have? (clue: check out our projects page)

2) What year was WVS founded by Luke Gamble? (clue: check out our history page)

3) Which village in Dorset is WVS located in? (clue: check the footer of any website page)

4) How much does it cost to provide flea and tick treatment for 80 dogs? (clue: check out our donate page)

5) Which university did Luke Gamble get his veterinary degree from? (clue: check out our core team page)

6) How much does it cost to send a veterinary aid parcel? (clue: check out our veterinary aid parcels page)

7) What is the name of the training facility for helping dogs behaviour at our WVS Care for Dogs shelter in Thailand? (clue: check out our Latest news!)

8) How many animals did WVS treat last year? (clue: check out our What we do page)

9) What is the name of our canoeing challenge fundraiser which takes place next year? 

10) What was the name of Luke's TV show? (clue: check our core team page)

Please email your answers to [email protected]

Entries need to be submitted by 11.59pm on Sunday 25th September. All correct entries (answering all ten questions correctly) will be entered into a draw and a lucky winner will be picked at random.