How we equipped a clinic in Malawi

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How we equipped a clinic in Malawi

Wed 22nd Jun 2016
Remember our ‘Equip a clinic’ appeal last year? Thanks to a huge number of donations we were able to fill a container with surgery tables, kennels, medical supplies, a gas anaesthetic machine with oxygen generator, autoclaves, a microscope, two pallets of medical surface and skin disinfectant, cradles for the dogs during surgery, catching equipment… and even a washing machine and dryer and shipped it all to Malawi!!

All this equipment already arrived in August last year but only now it was finally all moved to the new BSPCA clinic as until now there wasn’t enough space at the old shelter to put it to use.

Last Monday we started the first ever WVS surgical training course and the 7 attending vets and 3 animal welfare NGO managers from Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia are busy learning gold standard surgical techniques and are also taught about anaesthetic monitoring, the appropriate use of antibiotics, anaesthesia and analgesia, how to best set up rabies vaccination and sterilisation campaigns and much more.

They are benefiting immensely by all the donated items we can now offer at the newly built BSPCA shelter and clinic.

Thank you so much for all your help! It wouldn't have been possible without you!!