These Blantyre ladies are making soft collars for the dogs treated at our clinic, this project is funded by the Dog's Trust

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Helping the locals in Malawi help their community

Wed 13th Apr 2016

These amazing ladies are part of a BSPCA project in Blantyre, Malawi which has been funded by the Dogs Trust. This project provides paid employment for locals who will be making 2000 dog collars which will be used in several neutering and vaccination campaigns this year.

The BSPCA along with WVS, have unfortunately seen terrible cases of horrible skin lacerations and damage from metal chains used on dogs. These collars will be made of soft collars and will be much kinder on the dogs neck. These collars will be given to a dog once they have been sterlised and vaccinated against rabies (a sign that the dog is safe to the community) as part of our on-going work in Malawi.

This scheme not only help improve the lives of dogs, but people too and provides employment and empowerment for these ladies.