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Healing Through Horses

Tue 17th Feb 2015

When WVS helped a special horse that heals those in need...

Last week our new head of ITC India Dr Maiju Tamminen gave some treatment to an inspiring charity that we support.

Leg Up India, is an incredible project that provides healing through horse-related activities in South India for victims of forced prostitution, disabled children and school groups.

Maiju gave some TLC and maintenance to one of their therapy horses, Hershey. We spoke to Mala Malstead of LegUp India

“We are so grateful to WVS who sent us veterinary Dr Maiju to Leg Up for some much needed care and maintenance of our therapy horses. Dr Maiju did a complete physical on Hershey and concluded he had the longest molars she had every seen. Two hours of filing those teeth didn't really dent them, so we are hoping to get our hands on an electric grinder. She believes that because his teeth are "locked" into a position that has caused pain down his entire spinal column. Which, in turn, causes him to rear when ridden, as he tries to tell us that he is in pain.

Hershey is now on anti inflammatories, glucosamine (for his joints) and hyaluronic acid; we hope to have his teeth sorted out soon. WVS will also make their X ray machine available to us to see the extent of his joint damage. For now, he is the therapy horse for only our tiniest tots and those he handles with ease.

WVS is a very close friend and has helped us like the time one of our horses was gored in the thigh by a bison. Luke Gamble also saved our horse, Shadow, from a lethal case of colic.

Without WVS, I really doubt I would still be able to run Leg Up. The medical care for horses in india is just so poor. We would not have made it without Ilona and Nigel Otter, Maiju and the many amazing vets WVS has sent this way over the years.”

Veterinary orientated assistance seems to be an area where nearly all animal charities and sanctuaries struggle to obtain help.

Worldwide Veterinary Service aims to provide this assistance on a sustainable basis with the provision of volunteer veterinary teams, drugs, equipment and advice to its associated charities.

If you would like to request help from WVS for your charity or non-profit organisation, please complete and return our Charity Registration Form. Providing as much detail as possible will enable us to determine more quickly how we may be able to help.

If you have any queries or would like assistance with completion of the form please do not hesitate to contact the office and a member of the team will be happy to help you. You can email us at [email protected]

There is no fee for registering your charity with WVS. We provide sustainable help to our associated charities entirely free of charge.

If your charity is already registered with WVS and you have not yet sent us a wishlist, please email or write to us with a list of items you require. This will help us to match up any donations of supplies we receive to where they are needed most!