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Five Dogs Rescued from Dilapidated House by WVS Thailand

Wed 6th Feb 2019

Last week the WVS Thailand team were called out to a dire situation...

The local police and social services had been called out to a crime in Chiang Mai in the early evening of the 24th January and when they arrived, they found the lady was also keeping five dogs in a terrible condition. They arrested the owner for the original crime but knew they couldn't just leave the animals in this incredibly dilapidated house.

It was in a terrible state and the dogs were all in cages or tied up, unable to escape the filth. WVS Thailand were called and it was clear that action needed to be taken fast!

On arrival at the deteriorated building, our animal handlers approached the frightened animals and secured them safely on our vehicle, ready for transportation to our centre where they could recieve the examination and veterinary care they so desperately needed. 

The next day our veterinary team were up early to examine each dog and establish any further treatment or care it needed. Thankfully, none of them were suffering from severe health conditions and only required some good food, rehydration and fluids.

Four of the dogs are currently still staying in our A2 enclosure, used for observation and recovery and our veterinary team will monitor them for a few more days to ensure they are completely healthy before finding them new homes. The fifth dog has now found a home with Michael, one of our long-term volunteers who fell in love with the little dog on its arrival at the centre. 

Hopefully in a few weeks we will be bringing you the news that all five dogs have found loving homes, but until then, we will continue to care for them and the other canine residents of our shelter. 

Cases of severe neglect such as this need to come to an end. This is why WVS is striving to improve animal welfare worldwide, and save the lives of dogs such as these! By becoming a member of WVS, you'll be helping us continue to respond in emergency cases at times when it is most critical. Your £4 a month or £40 a year will be saving lives of animals who have no one else!