Family of Dogs Left Abandoned on a Doorstep in Blantyre Get New Chance at Life

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Family of Dogs Left Abandoned on a Doorstep in Blantyre Get New Chance at Life

Tue 6th Mar 2018

Our volunteer vets and vet nurses have been assisting the Blantyre SPCA with the treatment and surgeries for animals in the area. Vet nurse Ellie has been telling us about the progress of one particular family of dogs…

The mother dog (now named Veronica) was left at an abandoned property, with only a security guard for company who would rarely provide food. She was obviously suffering and struggling for food for quite some time before the team found her. Trying to feed five puppies with the little food she had meant that she had become dangerously thin.

In her hunt for food, Veronica moved all her puppies on to Simon’s doorstep, and this is how we learned about her dire situation. Simon had never owned dogs and knew nothing much about them so was at a loss as to what to do. He reached out on social media in an effort to gain information and help the doggy family.

Luckily, he was pointed in the direction of the BSPCA. He brought the family to us and asked if we could care for them while he prepared his property to rehome them when they were in better condition. They ended up staying at our centre for two weeks. The mother was sterilised along with the two male puppies and they were all vaccinated, dewormed, given flea treatment and offered some good food.

When Simon returned he took Veronica and the male puppies home, whilst the three females are staying at the clinic until they are old enough to be sterilised and rehomed. Simon was very grateful for our help and it is likely that these animals would have died without this intervention. Simon will now be attending our upcoming dog care courses to help educate the township communities about animal welfare and husbandry, to ensure he knows everything there is about how to keep his dogs healthy.

This is a great example of the power of community, and how WVS is working with local organisations to ensure the best possible welfare for abandoned animals and those in need. Without Simon’s help, these animals would not have been so lucky. But now, thanks to the BSPCA and WVS veterinary team, the whole family is healthy and can start living life to the full.