Emergency response to rabies case in India

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Emergency response to rabies case

Wed 31st Aug 2016

Last Saturday, the WVS India team went to a small village located in the Karnataka state, where a man had died of rabies the week before. The man was a distant relative of one of the WVS India vet assistants and the case was brought to the team’s attention (the village the team visited is in another district and state to where the WVS International Training Centre in India is based).

Two months ago, four people had been bitten by a dog, however one of the people who has been bitten, had not gone for his post-exposure vaccinations and sadly died of rabies.

The people in the village asked for our help and the WVS team immediately took action, the team vaccinated all the dogs in this village against rabies and at the same time treated the dogs for fleas too.

A big part of rabies awareness is education and that same day, the team arranged a small educational event to the people in the village, to teach them what to do if a dog bites them. They were also taught how to avoid dog bites and why it is so vital to ensure that the village’s dogs are vaccinated every year.

This vaccination program was held outside of the ITC's regular rabies vaccination area, but took place owing to it being an emergency response to the crisis in the village. It was also a good opportunity for the overseas participants (who were taking part at one of the surgical training courses held at the ITC) to experience fieldwork and village life in India.

Providing an emergency veterinary response is one of the many services that WVS offers, please consider a donation to allow us to continue to offer this service.