Doughnuts for Donkeys? WVS Launches Christmas Campaign!

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Doughnuts for Donkeys? WVS Launches Christmas Campaign!

Mon 10th Dec 2018

You may be wondering what doughnuts have to do with donkeys... but they really can help save a donkey's life!

This Christmas, we're asking our supporters to get involved and help us provide doughnut bandages to help the working donkeys of Tanzania. It costs just £4 to produce two of these bandages and prevent needless suffering for these hardworking animals. 

How does it all work?

In Bukombe, Tanzania, donkeys are a lifeline for their owners. The animals are worked for long hours, pulling heavy carts of sand, stone and bricks. Without them, these rural communities could not survive. Unfortunately though, the carts they use are not designed for donkeys and the heavy wooden bar across their necks (yoke) constantly pushes and rubs on the donkey's skin, causing terrible wounds. This rough wood causes constant pain and prevents the wounds from ever healing, so they just get worse and worse. Here's where the doughnuts come in!! The doughnut bandages are secured to the wooden yoke and sit around the wound, allowing the sores to heal and the wooden bar to be lifted away from the skin, providing padding for the donkeys' necks and allowing them to continue working free from pain. 

Incredibly simple to make, this easy and low-cost solution is having a massive impact for both the animals and communities here. The owners are desperate to help their animals, they just need to skills and knowledge to know how to do it. The doughnuts themselves are made from a strong inner core such as a piece of pipe, with strips of fabric wrapped around to create the padding. A final outer layer of material completes the doughnut and can be removed and changed regularly when the bandage needs clean material. 

This Christmas, can you spare just £4 a month to help us provide donkeys like this with doughnut bandages and help create a life free from pain for these hardworking animals? You can set up your regular donation here. If you're only going to give one gift this Christmas, please make it this one and help us support animals in need!

Still looking for a Christmas gift that's a little bit different? Why not purchase a doughnut for a donkey in need as a gift package for your loved ones? We'll send you a certificate and photos for you to wrap up as a Christmas present, and you'll know you've given a gift that makes a real difference this Christmas!! Contact us today about our doughnuts for donkeys gift package.

Don't forget to keep up to date with our campaign, including top tips on how doughnuts are made and how these donkeys are doing on our social media pages @wvscharity!!