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Donkey Picture Competition in India

Fri 6th Mar 2015

Our amazing vet, Dr Aswin at WVS India has been hard at work vaccinating donkeys in Krishnagiri. 

But he had some time to judge a donkey drawing competition for children at Chennapakottai. The first prize was given to the drawing that had a water bucket and grass nearby. What is your favourite?!

While he was out with the WVS team, they managed to vaccinate and deworm an incredible 442 donkeys and 2 horses!

Dr Aswin said;

"We have done 21 donkeys more this time when compared to last camp in October.  We could not visit 2 places from last camp as the owners were not in town. We went to some new places and visited some new owners from previous places who were reluctant to get their donkeys vaccinated last time. Though the response for our previous camp was good and the donkey owning community was really happy to have us again there.  

All together around 470 donkeys are vaccinated in Krishnagiri so far with 410 donkeys receiving their booster dose."

Like Dr Aswin, we are working with the local communities and providing free mobile veterinary clinics. By educating the owners on animal welfare techniques and providing the donkeys with the veterinary care and attention they need, we can drastically improve their day-to-day life.

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