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Dog Suffering Terrible Burns Rescued from Gutter by WVS Vets

Tue 22nd May 2018

WVS sends teams of volunteer vets and vet nurses to assist at the BSPCA clinic in Blantyre, Malawi, offering a lifeline and vital services to animals who really need it. Our Vet Nurse Ellie has been sharing some recent success stories with us! This is Barney's story...

Barney was found in a gutter by one of our teams near Blantyre. He was lethargic and obviously injured with no owner in sight. After asking in the area, no owner could be found so he was brought to the clinic for immediate treatment. 

He was a juvenile dog and had an awful degloving injury to his tail (the skin had been almost completely removed) as well as large wounds on his torso from a suspected burn. Although it was not entirely clear what had caused these injuries, it was apparent he needed treatment quickly! 

The WVS team at the clinic initially set to work amputating his severely damaged tail and conducted wound debridement and fluid therapy to clean the wounds and make Barney a little more stable. Already, he was much happier and lively. 

He has now been with our team in Blantyre for a month and has become such a character that everyone loves. His wounds are healing amazingly well with clear improvement each day and he is almost ready to go to his forever home. 

"This in itself is why I love my job, especially when volunteering in a place like Malawi, because I can make such huge difference to so many dogs and it is often the difference between life and death for animals like Barney!", Ellie said. 

In countries such as Malawi, veterinary aid is very often lacking, and our vital services at the BSPCA are the only access to this medical care in the region. With your support we can make sure dogs like Barney get the treatment they so desperately need. Please support our work by donating today and you can help us have a real impact in places like Malawi.