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Dog Attacked By Machete Is Saved Just In Time

Wed 14th Feb 2018

Our International Training Centre in Thailand receives hundreds of cases of injured dogs every week. One recent patient was a dog called Tang who had been injured in the most brutal way and needed urgent veterinary attention…

Some local residents near Chiang Mai had recently noticed a dog in their neighbourhood that was suffering a terrible injury. His left front paw had been hacked off and was held on with just a piece of skin. He had been wandering the community in this state for several weeks, after falling victim to a horrific machete attack. It’s hard to imagine the excruciating pain he must have endured.

Two caring members of the community brought Tang to the WVS clinic and it was clear he needed urgent attention. Our veterinarians found that his entire leg was severely infected and the infection was spreading quickly throughout Tang’s weakened body. An amputation of his whole leg and intensive treatment with antibiotics were his best chance of survival.

Tang made a good recovery and has adjusted well to life on three legs, recovering at our shelter and getting stronger each day. Despite his ordeal, he remained friendly and trusting towards the humans who saved him.

Last week, we were happy to return him to the care of his community who will keep a close eye on him and keep him safe. Thanks to the support of the local community, our team were able to treat Tang just in time and give him a second chance at life.

If you'd like to help us save more dogs just like Tang, please consider a donation. A small amount really can go a long way, and can make a real difference to the lives of injured dogs like Tang.