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Dagmar's Malawi Blog

Thu 25th May 2017

Our International Veterinary Manager, Dr Dagmar Mayer is in Malawi working alongside local vets in and around the area of Blantyre. Dagmar has just finished supporting our sister charity, Mission Rabies with a mass neuter and sterilisation drive. 

The WVS team has worked for the duration of the city vaccination drive alongside the Mission Rabies team. We mostly sterilised dogs but we also cared for injured and sick dogs all over the city. Whenever the vaccination teams came across a dog in need they contacted the WVS vets and vet nurses and sent them to our clinic so the animals could be treated.

For example the surgical team amputated eight legs over the last four weeks. These dogs came to us in chronic pain. But it's really rewarding to see these brave fellas happy now. The day after the surgery, it was lovely to see them hopping around on three legs. They all adapt very quickly and were brought back to their owners within one week. We found out that theses injuries were mostly caused by machete attacks, a consequance of these brave dog protecting their owners from burglars. 

It's difficult out here sometimes. Some of dogs that arrive here are so sick that there is no simply chance of recovery, so preventing a slow and painful death is the kindest thing we can do as vets. 

But we do save lives. One of these dogs had a shattered femur and his leg had to be amputated as well. A puppy had a large wound on his head, caused by a machete. Thankfully both dogs recovered well and are back home.