Chief’s Dog Saved from Hyena Attack by WVS Vets

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Chief’s Dog Saved from Hyena Attack by WVS Vets

Mon 25th Sep 2017

WVS have been in Blantyre, Malawi, assisting our sister charity Mission Rabies by treating injured dogs rescued during their vaccination drives. This is just one of the special patients our vets worked on. 

Mission Rabies were visiting a village in rural Blantyre to ask the chiefs in authority for permission to run education programmes about rabies, and on arrival at the village, were informed of a dog bitten by a hyena the previous night.

This dog belonged to the chief of the village and the team decided to bring him to the WVS clinic for treatment. During the hyena attack, the dog had suffered a deep wound on his neck, damaging his esophagus. His chances of survival were slim.

But one week later and his wounds were healing well, with the dog eating and getting stronger each day. After a week of antibiotics and pain relief, the team took him back to the village to be reunited with the chief.

The chief’s family could not believe the recovery their beloved dog had made and that he was treated at a “proper hospital”. He is now recovering well and will soon be back to full health thanks to the skills of the WVS vets and excellent collaboration with Mission Rabies.