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Celebrating Man's Best Friend: 5 Best Dog Rescues of 2019 (so far!)

Thu 22nd Aug 2019

This National Dog Day, we're taking a look back at some of the incredible dogs our team have been able to rescue and treat, thanks to supporters like you. Your donations allow our teams to respond in times of crisis, rescuing dogs from dire situations and providing treatment to those who have no-one else to turn to. Here's five of our favourites from the year so far!


Promise was just four months old when she was hit by a car, causing terrible damage to her hind leg. She was rushed to our Blantyre clinic and it soon became clear the leg couldn’t be saved. Fortunately, because she was so young, her little body healed really well and she was happily running around on three legs just a few days later!


Hawkeye was suffering from a number of illnesses, but the most worrying was a cancerous tumour called a TVT. Usually transmitted during mating, this had begun to infect his eye. What made it worse was the blood parasites that were attacking Hawkeye at the same time. After removing his infected eye, our vets started him on chemotherapy. This is a long and expensive process but after three months, Hawkeye made a full recovery – thanks to the ongoing support of people like you!


Gabby was battling with a severely fractured leg when she arrived at our Hicks ITC in Goa, most likely caused by a car accident. The x-ray showed her bone had broken into several fragments. Our expert vets were able to put her leg in a cast and prevent an amputation. When she was fully recovered, she was a popular choice at our adoption camps and soon found a loving home!

Heng Heng

Many of the street dogs that come to our centre arrive in appalling conditions – Heng Heng was just one of the dogs we've seen suffering from severe mange. With no one to care for her and ensure her fur stayed healthy, parasites had taken over and caused extreme damage. Almost the entire bottom half of her body had lost its fur. It took six weeks for her to fully recover but she now has a full coat and is looking like a healthy dog once more!

Duk Dik

When Duk Dik was brought to our Thailand centre, she was suffering from one of the largest tumours we’d ever seen! It was already the size of a large man’s fist and was swamping the tiny dog. Our vets were able to safely remove the mass and in just two weeks, she was back to eating well and running around!

If you would like to make a difference to more dogs just like these, please donate today and help WVS be there for dogs in need!