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Calling all members!

Fri 20th May 2016

Some of our sharp-eyed visitors may have noticed that the WVS website has changed.

The WVS team, along with our fantastic website gurus, have been busy working hard to create a new website that really showcases what we do. We really hope that you like the new site and please do spend some time getting better acquainted with the new design and layout.

One of the biggest changes to the website and to how our volunteers can access our volunteering opportunities, is that we have taken the decision to change our 'membership' option. We wanted our amazing volunteers to have no barrier to view all of our volunteer trips (some of which were previously only available to those that had purchased membership which meant that they could log on to view the trip content)

Now, you can access all trip content, just by visiting the 'Volunteer with us' section of the website.

You can search by position, animal type or even the location of where you would like to volunteer. It is really easy and each trip listing will outline all of the key information that you will need in order to make a decision on volunteering.

If you are an existing member, your membership will now be classed as a 'Supporter' which, we think better describes the amazing contribution you are giving us. Your monthly/yearly donations will not have changed and will continue to go towards the life saving work carried out around the world.

Why not visit our new volunteering section today?

Volunteer with us