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Brand New Working Equine Course Launches in 2018

Mon 23rd Oct 2017

We've got some exciting news coming your way from ITC India with a brand new working equine training course running in Ooty next year.

WVS India was established in 2010 to improve animal health and welfare through veterinary skills development, inspiration and advice. Since then ITC India has become known as a centre of excellence in providing high-quality surgical training courses for veterinarians. Our team has also conducted regular street clinics for working equines, especially donkeys, in Southern India and the results of this work clearly shows what a significant improvement the clinics have done for the life of the working donkeys. We have also seen how young veterinarians can benefit from attending these clinics to get more experience and understanding about working equines and their health and welfare needs. Now, it's time to do even more for vets, vet students and the working equines of India!

The course is designed for vets and vet students with the main aim to provide the horses on the streets of Ooty with a regular veterinary service and bring together various groups of the Ooty community to work together for improved street horse welfare. Through this, not only are the horses and donkeys treated, owners are provided with support and advice on first aid, good husbandry practices and animal welfare.​

The veterinary professionals and students on this course will gain hands-on skills and understanding about the various issues affecting working equine health and welfare, especially in India, giving them an opportunity like no other! Students will also get the chance to work at the IPAN Hill View Farm Animal Refuge, treating animals in need and offering a holistic picture of the working equine welfare situation and what can be done.

So let's work together to improve the skills of vets, education of local communities, and welfare of working equines in Ooty! Click here to learn more and sign up for our 2018 courses!