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Bella's Lifesaving Laser Therapy: Six Months On

Mon 9th Apr 2018

Back in the summer of 2017, we introduced you to Bella, the first patient to be treated with a LiteCure laser at our Thailand centre. Now, six months later, just look at how well she's doing...

It was meant to be a routine visit for Bella when she was booked in to our Jeanne Marchig International Training Centre in Chiang Mai for sterilisation. Unfortunately, she fell off the moving vehicle she was travelling in and since she was tied on, was dragged along the ground. This terrible accident left Bella with severe friction burns and wounds on the back and all of her paws. 

On arrival at the WVS centre, the veterinary team rushed to clean the wounds and prevent infection before discussing the potential of laser therapy. This crucial piece of equipment had recently been donated by Companion Animal Health and allowed our team to treat Bella's injuries without the need for invasive and risky surgery. Bella received nine sessions with the laser every two to three days and her recovery was incredible for the team to witness. Within just 10 days, the tissue on her paws was beginning to heal allowing her to start walking again. 

Bella's treatment would not have been as successful were it not for this vital equipment. It allowed her wounds to heal much faster and was a much less stressful process for Bella. Since her treatment she has been enjoying life at our dog shelter, and just look at her now!!

Bella is just one patient who has been saved thanks to our veterinary team in Thailand. Please help us provide more animals with the veterinary care they desperately need by donating today