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Anti-Rabies Cricket Cup 2014

Fri 2nd Jan 2015

Every December, we host the Anti-Rabies Cricket Cup which takes place in Tamil Nadu, India.

13 teams signed up for the event in order to raise awareness of Rabies and our work with projects ITC India, Mission Rabies and IPAN. 

Vets, volunteers, and dog catchers joined forces to create the WVS/IPAN Team who came third this year winning bronze. 

The games went on for an exciting two days under the hot sun with a great audience cheering on, enjoying delicious tomato rice.

Thank you to all who participated and big thanks to all of the ITC participants whose donations towards the 'boys annual day' have made this event possible. 

Finally there is now a bronze trophy on the shelf of the ITC dining hall which we can all be proud of.