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Animal Champions 2014

Mon 28th Apr 2014

The winner of the first ever WVS Animal Champions Award is BLES (Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary)! Located in Sukhothai, Thailand, BLES is devoted to creating a safe and natural environment for elephants, but also any other abused animal that may be brought to them.

Due to a large number of cats and dogs regularly being taken to the elephant sanctuary for treatment, BLES' project proposal was to build a much-needed veterinary clinic to provide life-saving veterinary care for all of these animals.  The clinic will also benefit the elephants in the local area by assisting with general first aid and routine medical care. This project was chosen as the winner as it fits perfectly with our work all over the world - providing veterinary aid to help animals in need that would otherwise go without.

"Cats and dogs of Thailand deserve care and love every bit as much as elephants and while they are not endangered, the fact of their domesticity and reliance on humans makes them just as vulnerable." - Katherine Connor, BLES Founder

As winners of the award BLES has received funding to cover the cost of the new clinic and a WVS Veterinary Team to travel out to Thailand. The veterinary clinic has now been finished and it was launched on the 26th April (World Veterinary Day). To mark the opening of the clinic, the first ever week long spay/neuter project is being carried out from it.