An Update from WVS India's Donkey Outreach Clinics

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An Update from WVS India's Donkey Outreach Clinics

Tue 27th Mar 2018

In the past year, ITC India have been powering forward with their working equine projects, providing veterinary care and treatment for donkeys and horses in the state of Tamil Nadu. With the support of WTG and the Peter O'Sullevan Trust, they've recently run donkey camps in the towns of Theni and Krishnagiri to promote animal welfare and educate owners on how to care for their animals.

These projects are so important to improving the overall health and welfare of the working equines, and to help the families that depend on them for their livelihoods. So far, 101 horses and donkeys have been treated in these outreach clinics, which will continue to run throughout 2018, thanks to support from local groups, and funds from WTG and The Peter O’Sullevan Trust.


In the small town of Theni, our teams recently completed a clinic for injured donkeys as well as providing veterinary care for ponies brought in for gelding.

The camp has been running for the past few years, and WVS has established relationships with the local community to ensure families are taught how to care for their animals, learning bandaging techniques for wounds and teaching them how to use the correct harnesses.

Alongside the castrations, the vets also treated a range of injuries and provided hoof trimming and teeth rasping. This not only helps keep the animals healthy but also allows the equine vet students and local vets the opportunity to assist on a variety of cases in the field.  


Krishnagiri hosted the latest clinic held by the outreach team, with many donkeys being brought to the camp for treatment and check-ups. The vets work closely with the local community, providing families with the skills to care for their animals through basic first aid and husbandry. We also welcomed a new junior equine vet to the team, who had the opportunity to learn about the specific issues facing working equines in India as well as practise her skills in the field. 

Since these outreach clinics have run, the team have seen a significant reduction in harness wounds and serious injury, as the families now have the knowledge to prevent wounds from getting worse. 

The team were kept very busy, as donkeys were brought to be treated throughout the day, presenting a range of issues, from a fractured leg to just requiring routine vaccinations.

"Working equines, whether horses, ponies or donkeys are a lifeline for their owners, many of whom do not know any other type of work than what they do with their equines. Veterinary services are not easily available for these animals because horse practice is not well taught in Indian veterinary colleges and the horse owners often could not afford private veterinary fees. WVS is bridging this gap by providing hands-on learning in equine field practice and community work for Indian veterinarians and vet students during the working equine field clinics. These clinics offer free treatment for injuries and provide preventative healthcare like deworming, tetanus vaccinations, hoof trimming and castration surgeries." - Clinical Director, ITC India: Dr Ilona Otter

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