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Fri 7th Jul 2017

It’s been a busy month at the Hicks ITC in Goa, and long term vet Dr Amanda Fernandes tells us what’s been happening over the last few weeks.

The team hosted two ABC surgery courses in June for Indian and international vets to improve their surgical skills.

An impressive 1234 birth control surgeries were also performed on the dogs and cats of Goa as well as outreach programmes to treat animals further afield, with the support of the Mission Rabies high-tech vet truck.

Our Goa team also run an Animal Care Clinic at the ITC, of which 384 animals were treated this month, including 39 special surgeries!

A Community Service Project was initiated in the Old Goa Village in Tiswadi – Goa. In previous months 6 out of 10 cases of suspected rabies were picked up from the Corlim area in Old Goa. Old Goa is known for its heritage sites and is visited by many tourists all year round. The area was considered a hot spot for rabies and the WVS-MR Mobile Vet Team responded to the community’s need to mass vaccinate and sterilize the dogs to humanely control the population.

A total of 235 dogs were sterilized and more than 600 were vaccinated in the areas surrounding Corlim. Some dogs with wounds, mange, TVTs and fractures were treated at the truck and further transferred to the Hicks ITC for rehab.

Our teams strive to give vets and students the best training and opportunities on our projects. Here is what Dr Amanda Fernandes had to say about her experience in Goa:

 “It’s been six wonderful months with the WVS Team and I’ve had an incredible time! From being placed at the outreach projects to making so many new friends – work doesn’t feel like work with some amazing people around.

I was placed at the WVS Hicks ITC for a month, during which I worked at the ABC project in Vasco, the Hicks Animal Care Clinic, The Hicks Rescue and Treatment Kennels and the Hicks ITC. The clinical experience boosted my confidence incredibly due to the vast number and various types of case that I had the opportunity to attend.

The training courses were also a great experience, during which I got to perform special surgeries such as an amputation, inguinal hernia and correction of a rectal prolapse. I would like to thank everyone there, especially the senior vets who helped me develop and sharpen my clinical and surgical skills. I am looking forward to my next rotation at the Hicks, I can’t wait!”

The Hicks team have also received a felicitation for their outstanding community service. Congratulations Team Goa!