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An Emergency Case for the WVS Vets in Malawi

Tue 12th Jun 2018

Our vets in Blantyre, Malawi had to act fast when this emergency case came in...

This little puppy was only two months old when he was brought to the Blantyre clinic. He was not eating and was becoming very lethargic. After a full examination from the WVS vets, they discovered a bone fragment was stuck in the roof of his mouth which looked like it had been there for a few days and become lodged after eating, causing plenty of discomfort and pain for this small animal. 

Luckily, it had not become too ingrown as the puppy was still small and it had been found before he had grown larger, so it was easily removed with a pair of forceps while the puppy was still conscious. The veterinary team worked quickly and efficiently to remove the obstruction, whilst keeping the dog as calm as possible during this ordeal. 

The puppy, now named Bone, went home straight away after a few injections and his owner was so thankful. This case highlights the importance of supervision when feeding your dog bones, whatever country you may be in.

If you would like to help our teams all around the world respond quickly and treat animals just like Bone, please consider a small donation today. It might just help save a puppy's life.