Alone and Exhausted: A Dog’s Battle for Survival

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Alone and Exhausted: A Dog’s Battle for Survival

Tue 15th Jan 2019

When Julie’s owner sadly passed away, there was no one left to care for her and she ended up having to fend for herself on the streets. She wasn’t used to being a stray and suffered as a result of not having her human companion there by her side. 

Thankfully, some kind people from the community saw her and brought her all the way to the WVS centre in Chiang Mai. She was in a terrible state. A severe skin infection had caused her to lose all her fur and internal parasites had been robbing her of her strength for several months. Her skin was constantly irritating her and caused unbearable itching to the point of making her scratch herself and break the skin, while her body continued to battle with her internal infections. Julie was simply exhausted. 

Our vets immediately began a treatment plan and after two months of intensive care and medication, Julie is now completely healthy once more! Her wounds have healed over and her coat is starting to grow back in an incredible pattern that shows a glimpse of the stunning dog she is growing to be! At only just over a year old, she’s back to being the playful puppy she should be and is now just waiting for a new loving home!! 

Our centre in Thailand strives to help save animals like Julie every single day, but we can’t do it alone. Please consider a donation today or become a member to ensure we can provide this lifesaving care when it’s desperately needed.