Abandoned Pet Given Second Chance At Life

Abandoned Pet Given Second Chance At Life

Rumba used to be someone’s pet, until her owners decided to abandon her outside our Hicks ITC in Assagao. She was tied to a nearby tree and was left, scared and alone, and clearly suffering in excruciating pain.

It is always heart-breaking for our team to see a pet abandoned but unfortunately Rumba’s story is not unique. Our veterinary team untied her and brought her in to be examined. She was suffering from a large maggot wound which urgently needed treatment. Although it was not entirely obvious what caused her initial wound, it is clear her owners did not care for her as they should have, and it had been left to fester and become infected. Thankfully, our team got to work cleaning the area and providing medication to remove the infection.

This Rottweiller may have initially appeared scary, but she soon revealed her loving personality. As her wounds began to heal she became much more playful and began to trust our team. When she had fully recovered, a local family couldn’t wait to adopt her and they took her home the next day! She is now settling in well with her loving new family!

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