A Hole in the Head: Kiss Rescued Just in Time

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Abandoned, Disfigured and Left for Dead Before WVS Came to the Rescue

Fri 13th Oct 2017

Kiss had a sad start to life. WVS Thailand found her with some of the worst injuries our team have ever seen. This is her story.

Poor Kiss was found alone, shut down and obviously suffering in pain. The world had missed her calls for help until a local Thai lady happened to notice her curled up and unresponsive in some rice fields to the north of the city. It's not known how long Kiss had been dealing with her horrific conditions but our veterinary team estimate that she must have been slowly deteriorating for at least a couple of months before WVS Thailand were able to rescue her.

As soon as our Rescue Team received the call they scrambled to the area to collect Kiss for immediate treatment. The shock on the rescue teams faces as they returned to the WVS clinic here in Hang Dong was a fair warning for what the veterinary team and caretakers were about to be faced with.

Kiss was as close to death as any rescue we have ever seen here at the WVS Thailand rescue centre. Our veterinary team got to work right away and gave Kiss vital fluids and medication to stabilize her while they carried out a full and thorough medical examination to determine the issues and try to preserve the life of this sweet and forgotten street dog.

The suffering was unbearable to see and the injuries caused distress for many of the team that came into contact with Kiss. To think of what she must have been going through, physically and emotionally over the few months before our team was able to rescue her, was enough to break the hearts of some of the most experienced staff we have.

Kiss was severely underweight and emaciated, unresponsive & shut down to the point of semi-consciousness, suffering from multiple chronic skin conditions but worst of all, she had a hole in her face where an old injury had been left untreated for so long that her skin and tissue were literally rotting away with maggots living inside and the exposure of her skull.

Thanks to the dedication, perseverance, veterinary skills and the love of the entire team here at WVS Thailand, after five weeks of intensive rehabilitation and world class medical care, Kiss is back on her feet, fully healed and ready to live her life as a happy and healthy dog once more.

The photos are graphic and come with a warning that should be respected and taken seriously. We have published this story and the accompanying photos so that our supporters and dog lovers across the world can see the challenges we face every day here at WVS Thailand. Our staff work extremely hard to help the dogs of Chiang Mai and beyond and often have to deal with some very emotionally challenging circumstances that many people are unaware of.

Please consider supporting their work and the continued work of WVS by making a donation today. Your donation, however big or small, will be appreciated by a dog like Kiss in the future. We rescue anywhere between two to five street dogs a day from the city and bring them in for free treatment until they are healed, and we need the support of the public to continue this work and help even more dogs like Kiss who deserve the right to live a healthy and happy life free of medical issues and disease.