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A spay-a-thon in Goa - Part 2

Thu 10th Nov 2016

Following on from her first blog entry documenting her volunteering time in Goa, Farida provides us with another blogpost:

I cannot believe two weeks have past already since I’ve been here. The first group out of two has left us and we have now 2 new great volunteers! Thank you Dr Dhanabal, Dr Sonia and Dr Christine for your great work!! It was awesome working with you and welcome Dr Emma and Dr Natalia!

Let’s help some dogs!

In these 2 weeks, we have passed the 500 surgery mark which is pretty impressive and more than we could have hoped for! Most dogs are here to be spayed or neutered, but also the Mission Rabies catchers come across some severely injured dogs, that have open fractures, after being involved in car or motorbike accidents. We try and make sure somebody is taking care of the dog afterwards, somebody to feed the dog and check that the wound is healing fine. Quite some dogs face a living with an amputated leg, which off course mean a different life, but still it is a life worth living! Plus from past experiences, we know these dogs can still have a great life.

This beautiful white and chocolate girl is a good example of one of those dogs, she made a good recovery and is happy to be back again. Although life has changed for her, she is still a happy girl and coping very well on her 3 legs!

Something we come across here a lot as well are maggot wounds, t is amazing to know that with some treatment they are actually quite easy to treat! But this is something I had to get used to in the beginning! Once you know that most of these wounds are because of dogs mating or male dogs fighting over dogs in heat, you know once again that sterilising is about so much more, than just reducing the number of unwanted puppies! 

Sadly I’ve also seen my first ever rabid dogs - the agony that these dogs go through, while having the rabies virus is terrible and it's unbelieveable how this virus spreads, causing the erratic behaviour of these animals that are trying to bite everything and everybody they come across. It is so important that the Mission Rabies team is continuing their work in Goa, working towards the goal of eliminating this terrifying disease

Anyway so far has been amazing and we were able to help so many animals I am looking forward the rest of my time here in Goa!

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