Meet Paul Jr, a dog that has had a second chance at life!

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A second chance at life

Fri 19th Aug 2016

Meet Paul the dog, or technically Paul Jr! We met Paul during our recent two weeklong sterilisation and veterinary treatment campaign in Zomba. 

Sadly, this friendly dog was hit by a rock and his leg was subsequently fractured. The dog’s owner didn't think the dog could live with this injury and didn't feed him as she was waiting for the dog to die (as this seemed to be the only solution for her) as unfortunately, the option to have an animal put down is not possible in Zomba.

Luckily for the dog, the door-to-door Mission Rabies team found him and identified that he urgently required veterinary treatment. The dog was collected by Paul from Mission Rabies who subsequently brought the dog to the WVS clinic, where Dr Dagmar and her veterinary team amputated the dogs leg the very next day. The dog didn't have a name, so Dagmar decided to call him Paul (naming him after his rescuer)

After his operation, Paul Jr. immediately bounced back; he ate lots of food (having previously been starving) and was running around the WVS clinic. In total, Paul Jr. stayed at the WVS clinic for 8 days in total and is now fully recovered. HIs stiches have been removed and he is like a different dog! The entire team love Paul Jr. as he is such a happy and friendly dog!

Paul (Sr.) took Paul Jr. back to his owners place two days ago, his owner was very happy that WVS had been able to help her dog and has promised she will look after Paul Jr. now that he has got a second chance in life! Paul Sr. will check in on Paul Jr. to make sure that he is being properly looked after, but the future is looking much brighter for Paul Jr!