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A dog's story

Mon 22nd May 2017

We are only a few weeks left until we reach the deadline to our fundraiser. Our dogs depend on it...

The streets of Chaing Mai,Thailand are home to millions of stray dogs like Coke, above. Many of them are sick or seriously injured and won’t make it without life-saving emergency treatment and veterinary care. This is your chance to help them.

WVS treats and sterilises over thousands of dogs every month around the world. This work is only possible because of people like you, who can donate, support and become a member. 

We've already raised an incredible £25,000, but we've got a long way to go. We have until August to raise £250,000.

It’s so heart-warming to know that the kindness and compassion of the local population continues to grow for the street dogs in Chiang Mai. By working together with the residents of the city we are making a huge difference to the lives of so many dogs and raising awareness of the need to keep street dogs healthy, vaccinated and sterilized.

The shelter is constantly filled with dogs in desperate need of medical attention and a safe place to stay. We offer full medical treatment for all street dogs that come into our care and are dedicated to their recovery until the day they are healthy enough to return home.

For a number of years we have had an International Training Centre and a rehoming shelter there. It is the only facility of its type within hundreds of miles and our only training centre in this part of Asia. Its influence covers many countries.Over 30 local people are employed at these facilities. Currently there are over 120 animals in our care.

Previously we rented our centre, but the landlord now wishes to sell for development. We cannot viably relocate and there are thousands of animals in Thailand that need our help.

All these dogs made a FULL recovery, but without a veterinary resource, it'll be impossible to continue our work.

We MUST continue. Can you help?

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