Chester after his operation and receiving veterinary care from the WVS team

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A challenge like Chester

Tue 21st Jun 2016

Meet Chester! This lovely little dog was brought to us by his owner, who begged us to help Chester. The dog was suffering from a very large tumour on his back end which has been growing in size over the last three years. The size of the mass made walking very difficult for Chester and was in fact, the largest tumour in that body region that any of the vets on our team has ever come across. The surgery was incredibly challenging, but we managed to remove the entire tumorous mass without damaging any vital structures or organs.

Chester stayed at the clinic for 10 days and the entire team fell in love with this great dog and even ordered special meals for him to eat at breakfast! His owner was delighted to have Chester back and could hardly believe that the horrible mass was finally gone!

Please donate to help even more dogs like Chester, they really need our help and we can only help them with support from people like you.