Beating Rabies

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35,612 dogs vaccinated in 20 working days

Thu 19th May 2016

Rabies kills a child every 9 minutes. It is the worlds deadliest zoonotic disease - and 99% of all human cases in Africa and India (mainly children) are caused by infected dog bites. Vaccinating dogs is the only way to eliminate the virus - establishing a herd immunity that protects both dogs and people in any given community.

Working with our sister charity, Mission Rabies, WVS teams target global hotspots treating and sterilising dogs whilst the Mission Rabies teams vaccinate. In May, 2016, we spent 20 working days in Blantyre, Malawi - a city whose Government hospital annually records the highest incidence of child rabies deaths from any single institution in Africa. The teams vaccinated 35,612 dogs, covering 80% of all dogs in the city and sterilized over 1,000 street dogs. In Goa, we have sterilzed over 21,000 street dogs in the last two years and vaccinated over 80,000 dogs. Running programmes in India, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania and Uganda we are on a mission to beat this terrible disease and save hundreds and thousands of dogs and children in the process.

"Sweetness"  was just one of the street dogs the vaccinating team picked up for WVS vets to treat. Embedded wire collars are a common problem where resources are scarce and people don't know how to treat their animals. We're all about changing this and treating those poor animals affected. Sweetness made a full recovery, she is in a happy home, vaccinated and protected against rabies in one of the global hotspots of this fatal disease. If we hadn't helped - no one else would have stepped in. This is what we do and we need your support to do it more.