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15 Years of WVS: Our Best Stories

Fri 2nd Nov 2018

The 3rd November 2018 marks exactly 15 years since we became a registered charity! Since Luke set up WVS in 2003 we've achieved so much! From the aid parcels we send out and the teams we deploy, to the animals we've rescued and emergency situations we've responded to, our projects have gone from strength to strength!! This special blog features some of our best stories through the years and shows how WVS has grown to help even more animals in need all over the world!


One of our first projects saw two WVS veterinary volunteers travel to Fuerteventura to assist with neutering of feral cats.


Sterilisation projects in Spain, Romania, Venezuela and Thailand began.


We moved into our first UK office behind Luke’s veterinary practice, Pilgrims, in Cranborne!


23 teams were sent out this year to assist charities in The Gambia, Botswana and many more!


We ran a joint animal welfare education programme in Uganda to teach children how they can help animals in their local community. 


We took on our first emergency response case, travelling to the Internally Displaced Persons camps in Kenya and treating 8,774 animals! 


Volunteers travelled further afield this year, running a sterilisation campaign in the heart of the Amazon jungle helping a charity in Peru.


Our International Training Centre in Ooty, India opened its doors to local vets and animal welfare workers. We also responded to an emergency toxic spill in Hungary.


Our work at the ITC expanded to run outreach clinics for donkeys. We also sent emergency teams to Egypt to provide veterinary treatment for animals left abandoned during this dangerous time of civil unrest.


Throughout this year, we treated over 15,000 animals and helped over 200 charities!


Mission Rabies began! We vaccinated over 50,000 dogs in just one month across India.

We also sent emergency teams to rescue a truck full of dogs confiscated from the meat trade so this was a busy year!


Thanks to the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust we funded and oversaw the build of a brand-new clinic at the Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. 


We took over the running of the Care for Dogs shelter in Thailand which became our new ITC. 


Our third ITC opened in Goa, formally run by animal lover John Hicks who dedicated his life to championing animal welfare.


Our work expanded in Malawi with our team now running the Blantyre SPCA permanently. Our working equine project in India also expanded to support street horses around Ooty including a new course specifically for vets to learn about working equine health and welfare. 


We launched our new membership schemes, a return to work surgical course, working equine training courses in India, and rescued more animals than ever before! This year also saw Mission Rabies educate over 2 million children worldwide, and they're close to reaching 1 million dog vaccinations!!

Wow!! Thanks to our supporters, we've achieved all this in the last 15 years! Why not help us have even more of a lasting impact in the next 15 years by becoming a member of WVS today!!