114 dogs sterilised in WVS India Spay-a-thon

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114 dogs sterilised in WVS India Spay-a-thon

Mon 5th Mar 2018

On 27th February WVS projects all over the world celebrated World Spay Day by conducting mass sterilisation campaigns to treat more animals than ever before! Dr Amanda Fernandes, one of our vets in Ooty leading the day's surgeries, tells us about their activities!

World Spay Day has always been an exciting day these past years, as we all try to do something extra apart from the numerous spays and neuters we do every day.

This year we had a 'spayathon' and we aimed to do 100 spay and neuter surgeries across our centres in India, operating on dogs at the ITC in Ooty, Hicks ITC in Goa and at outreach clinics in the Nilgiri Hills.

Here in Ooty, it was a power-packed day! Firstly, we finished our training programme in which 14 dogs were operated and then we started a mini ABC programme where all our vets operated on a total of 46 dogs and did a total ear ablation. All 60 dogs had no complications and recovered well.

We also started a month long campaign, 27th February - 27th March, where all pet dogs that come in for spay/neuter surgeries would receive free anti-rabies and 7-in-1 vaccinations along with a cool car sticker to spread the word that, 'There aren't enough homes for all the puppies - I have got my dog sterilised, have you?' 

In all, it was an extremely fun and rewarding day, and we've helped improve the levels of welfare of these animals!

Just keep spaying!!