10 reasons to adopt, don't shop

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10 Reasons To Adopt, Don't Shop!

Mon 14th Aug 2017

The decision to introduce a pet into your life is not one to jump into half-heartedly. To celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we’ve been quizzing the WVS teams about why it is better to adopt rather than buy your new dog!

You save a life

This is maybe the biggest reason of all! By adopting, you’re giving a dog another chance at life. Some have terrible pasts, and have been abused, abandoned or left to fend for themselves on the streets. You are giving a dog a happy and safe home where they can learn to be a dog again!

You won’t be supporting backyard breeders

Many dogs are forced to breed as often as possible, and kept under cruel conditions in puppy farms. By choosing to adopt, you are avoiding these organisations and supporting animal welfare in the process.

You help stop pet overpopulation

By choosing to adopt rather than go to a shop or breeder for a specific type of pet, you are caring for a dog that already needs support instead of bringing another puppy into the world.

You might find your dream pet 

With thousands of shelters, there’s bound to be one near you that might currently be home to the dog that is perfect for you and your family. After spending time at the shelter, you may fall in love with a completely different dog to the one you thought you wanted.

You gain the advantages of an adult dog

Many dogs in shelters are adolescent or adult dogs rather than young puppies. But this means they’re likely to already know some basic commands or be housetrained, making your life a lot easier when you bring your dog home!

You get the lifetime support of shelter employees

No one knows more about the dog you are adopting than the people working at the shelter each day providing care and support for them. They will be able to assist you with the move and help you carry on any training or behavior work!

You support a valuable community and charitable institution 

It’s always good to show support and help out a local organization, and these shelters are providing a valuable service to the dogs in their care so by adopting one, you’re also helping provide for the ones left at the shelter!

You adopt a healthy pet

By adopting from a shelter, you can be assured that your dog has had excellent medical treatment, received any necessary vaccinations and may have even already been sterilised or microchipped, meaning it’s a perfectly healthy pet.

You encourage others to do the same

People are sometimes wary of new ventures, but it only takes one of their friends to adopt a shelter dog and they’ll be assured it can go smoothly!

You’ll be rewarded with so much love and gratitude

Many dogs up for adoption just want to find a loving home and their forever family, and are more than willing to show you bundles of love if you take the time to get to know them properly! Knowing you’ve saved a dog from an unhappy background brings eternal gratitude from your new loyal companion.

WVS runs a dog shelter in Chiang Mai, Thailand so if you don't think you're able to adopt a dog from your local shelter and invite a canine friend into your home yet, why not sponsor one of our dogs at the shelter and help provide for their care.