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Sponsor our Parcels

Sending parcels full of life saving medicines and equipment to charities in need all over the world is one of the most important parts of our work. Without this essential aid, many animals would be left without the care they desperately need. One 2 kg parcel can save the lives of thousands of animals across the globe. 

Medical parcels can include anything from tick and flea treatment or bandages, to stethoscopes or suture equipment. No matter what size they are, they have a huge impact. Our parcels can cost as little as £12 right up to £500.

Last year we sent 702 vet aid parcels to 237 charities in 67 different countries. This year we are on track to help even more charities. In the first six months we have sent out 413 vet aid parcels to 143 charities. 

You can sponsor our parcels from just £5 per month. For this, you will receive a personalised welcome pack as well as regular updates on how your donation is helping animals all over the world. There is a minimum requirement of 12 months for sponsorship, which will be automatically renewed each year unless we hear from you. 

It is very easy to sponsor our parcels! Simply select the amount per month you would like to pay and in the 'Add a comment to your donation' type 'sponsor a parcel'. Sponsorship also makes an excellent gift for a loved one.