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Sponsor our Donkeys

The donkeys of India have a harder life than most. In order to make sure they (and their owners!) are well looked after WVS has been working to make a lasting change in some of the more remote parts of the country.

It is not uncommon to see the tips of their ears removed, their nostrils sliced, or to see a donkey carrying it's own body weight in sand. They get broken legs, sores, and are sometimes even branded. On top of this, donkeys are regular victims of road traffic accidents.

By sponsoring our donkeys, you will be directly helping us to improve donkey welfare.  For just £5 per month you can help us to educate the local communities, treat sick and injured donkeys, and pay for high visibility collars which will make them more noticeable on the busy roads. For this, you will receive a welcome letter, photos of the donkeys you support and regular updates on how far your donation is going.

There is a minimum requirement of 12 months for sponsorship, which will be automatically renewed each year unless we hear from you. It is really easy to Sponsor our Donkeys! all you need to do is select the amount per month you would like to pay and in the 'add a comment to your donation' just write 'sponsor our donkeys'. Sponsoring our donkeys makes an excellent gift as well! 

sponsor our donkeys