Sponsor a Dog

One of the most effective ways that you can make a difference to the lives of our long term residents at our dog shelter in Thailand is to sponsor one! 

All the dogs that we care for are available for adoption locally, but due to the often traumatic experiences they have received before arriving to us there are a few that have become long term residents. Our expert team of carers, behavioural staff and volunteers provide non-stop love and affection to them all.

You can sponsor any of the dogs below from just £5 per month (that's just over £1 per week!) For this, you will receive a personalised letter on behalf of your chosen dog, photos of your dog and regular updates on how they are doing. There is a minimum requirement of 12 months for sponsorship, which will be automatically renewed each year unless we hear from you. 

It is very easy to sponsor a dog! Simply select the amount per month you would like to pay and in the 'Add a comment to your donation' add the name of the dog you want to sponsor. If you simply can't decide which dog you'd like to support then you can support them all! Simply write 'sponsor our shelter' when setting up your sponsorship and you will recieve updates on everything that goes on at the shelter.

Sponsoring a dog makes an excellent Christmas gift and you can sponsor any of the below dogs on behalf of a loved one.


'A bit of a legend at the shelter'

Hi! My name is Kwak and I am 7 years old. Before I came to live at the Shelter I had a very hard life. I was found in a cage that was not even big enough to stand up straight in. There was minimal protection from the elements, nowhere to go to the toilet, no fresh water and decomposing food everywhere.  

I’m really friendly, but sometimes I can be a little protective of the things I love like my canine friends and human buddies! The thing I love most is food! In fact, a lot of the staff at the Shelter say that I am the most food-orientated dog they have ever met and can scavenge better than most pure street dogs. Over the last few months I’ve put on a little bit too much weight from all the treats I get for being a good boy, so I’m now on a diet. 


Dam Noy

‘Will gladly take fuss and love from anyone who has taken the time to understand her background’

Hi! My name is Dam Noy and I am 5 years old. My old owners brought me to the shelter because they were not able to look after me. They had used a lot of negative punishment on me which left me fearful of people and defensive around other dogs. When I first arrived I would avoid being touched by humans and refused to go on walks with the volunteers. However, over the last year I have adapted to life in the shelter and I now love going for a walk! I can still be a little stand offish with some new people, but if you let me get to know you first I will definitely be your friend.




‘Popular favorite with the volunteers’

Hi! My name is Happy and I am a 5 year old female. I was hit by a car and sustained nasty injuries to my back end which has left me needing medical support for incontinence for the rest of my life. That doesn’t stop me from being happy though! Where do you think I got my name from!  I love people and other dogs, and I love going for walks on my lead. My favorite thing is playing in water and mud! 




Fun, feisty and always ready for action’

Hi! I’m Haru and am a 1 year 10 months old male. I arrived at the shelter when I was a very young puppy. After my Mum, brothers and sisters left me all alone, someone found me in Chiang Mai. They were very worried about me as I was very weak and small. I wasn’t feeling very well and I was infested with fleas, ticks & worms. I was very scared (especially of people!) but everyone at the shelter was very kind to me and fed me from a bottle for the first few weeks.

I’ve now been at the Shelter for over a year and I am much happier! I have loads of friends here, dogs and humans, and I love exploring or relaxing with them. One day I hope that a young family or someone with loads of energy will adopt me and I can go live with them, but until then I know I have a great home here at the Shelter.



‘Thinks he's a lapdog!’

Hi! My name is Lewy and I am 7 years old. One day the shelter staff came to work to find me tied up and left outside of the shelter. I am very lively and I am always ready to play. My best friends are my human friends, who I love to cuddle. Walking is my favorite pastime- I would do it all day if I could! I am incredibly sweet but sometimes I do like to act like a teenager… in a good way though! 




‘A perfect, friendly companion’

Hi! I am Pipo and I am 7 years old. The staff at the shelter don’t know much about my life before the shelter, but they do know that I was abused. I am a very friendly dog and I love going out for a walk! I mingle with all the other dogs but most of the time I’m not really very interested in what they are doing.

When I came to the shelter the staff tried to make me stay with the other dogs. This was ok, but my favorite place was underneath the bathing station with my favorite pork chop chew toy! Each night I would climb over the fence and make my way back to the bathing station, so now the staff just let me stay there. If I can’t find pork chop I tend to substitute my chew toys for shoes, so the staff have to be careful where they leave their shoes! 



‘Affectionately known as Logi-bear’

Hi! My name is Logan and I am nearly 3 years old. I was living as a street dog in Chiang Mai when I was hit by a passing car. The accident was reported to the shelter’s rescue team who came to collect me and took me for surgery at WVS’ Hang Dong clinic.  

Although I can be a little evasive around loud or unfamiliar people, I am gaining confidence and will now give some of the people here a sniff and even let some people touch me. It still takes me a long time to build up trust but when I do I am very affectionate and love to be fussed! I am a very playful boy and I love playing with female dogs.


Tao Hoo

‘Settling into a less stressful life free from medical issues and street fighting’

Hi! I am Tao Hoo and I am a 2 years 10 months old female. I was rescued by WVS after being abandoned on the streets of Chiang Mai. I was really badly emaciated, had major skin issues and I had been attacked by other dogs so had lots of puncture wounds. Because of this, it was too dangerous to return me back home.  

I can be a bit shy & wary around new people but I’m becoming a lot more trusting of the people who work and volunteer here. I really love the company of male dogs and try to get them to play with me at every opportunity. I’m still not very good at walking on the lead but I’m learning!


Bilbo - Good News! I've been rehomed! 

'Confident without conflict and tends to bring out the best in other dogs'

Hi! I’m Bilbo and I am 2 and a half years old. I was abandoned as a puppy and found wondering in a busy road without any canine or humans to take care of me. I didn’t have any major health issues but I was quite frightened. A little while ago I was rehomed from the shelter, but I kept nibbling on car or bike wheels so they brought me back to the shelter. The staff here have been working to help me stop this bad habit!

My favorite thing to do is goofing around with my friends in the yard. I’m happiest when playing with my human friends, but I love being around adults, children, other dogs and cats........just don't let me near your wheels!


‘A big softy who enjoys being groomed and pampered by the people she trusts’

Hi! My name is Cumin and I am 5 years old. I am a female dog. The staff at the shelter think that before I came to the shelter I had contracted distemper or another canine virus that left me with neurological issues. Although this will affect me for the rest of my life, my quality of life is good and I am a real attention seeker with people I trust!

I can be slightly skittish by new experiences, places, and unfamiliar people. I am also a bit scared when I go for my walks, but I am improving every day.  Although I am tolerant of other dogs I do sometimes snap when I am worried or if the other dog is too lively.



‘A happy-go-lucky dog who deserves a loving home’

Hi! My name is Flip and I am 4 years old. I came to the shelter with injuries so the staff here think I may have been run over. Seeing as I was a street dog, no one knows much about me before I came here.

I am a very fun and friendly boy, and I am always looking for a belly rub from a kind and willing human! I love being with people of all ages and have loads of dog friends as well. My favorite time of the day is when I get to go for a walk off the lead, or when I can play in the garden with my canine buddies.



Always happy to see new people… and absolutely loves cuddles!’

Hi! I’m Federal and I am a 3 year old male dog. I was brought to the shelter by some local monks who were very worried about me. My front leg had been cut very badly by a machete; my tendons had been severed and you could see my bone. As soon as I arrived the vets here performed an emergency amputation and nursed me back to health.

Now I am loads better and my missing leg doesn’t slow me down! I am incredibly strong on the lead and can run as fast as most of my four-legged friends. Although I like the other dogs here, a lot of the other males don’t like me very much so I like to spend my time hanging out with the humans and the female dogs.

SPONSOR federal


‘A stunning example of how dogs can overcome a horrendous past and flourish with an understanding and compassionate team around them.’

Hi! I am Lulu and I am 6 years old. Shelter staff came to find me because I had been tied up and left for at least three months with little food, water or protection from the elements. In the hot Thai sunshine or during the rainy season this was excruciatingly difficult for me to deal with.  

Even though I had a bad start, I am always happy to see new people and greet them with a wagging tail and an excitable bark. I am extremely quick to make friends with people and can get a little jealous if other dogs come over when I am with one of my humans. I am so happy to when my volunteers and visitors come to see me that they often say they have fallen in love with me. I am very loyal… probably the most loyal dog in the shelter!


Rod Duan

‘Needs a lot of patience and understanding’

Hi! My name is Rod Duan and I am 7 years old. Before I came to live at the shelter I was living with an abusive owner and in very unsanitary conditions. The shelter staff were told about what was happening and they came and took me to the shelter.

I am quite a shy and nervous girl so I prefer to be in calm places. Volunteers and staff have to be very slow moving and reassuring to handle me, making sure that I don’t get too stressed. I am going to keep working with staff here to improve my confidence and rebuild my trust for humans.



‘A loyal and straight forward companion’

Hi! My name is Bella and I am 5 years old. My brother and I were left outside of the shelter one day, shortly after 5pm. Luckily some of the caretakers were staying a touch late, they saw us and the car driving away in the distance so took us into the shelter.  

I am a very sweet and loving girl who is generally quite quiet. Sometimes I can be a touch nervous with new people, but this doesn’t last long if people are willing to get to know me! I like playing with the other dogs and I am confident enough to look after myself in a polite yet confident manner.



‘Confident and quick to bond with new people’

Hi my name is Tara and I am 10 years young. I was found straying on the outskirts of Chiang Mai in an area where locals were laying down poison traps. I like to chase birds, cats, small dogs and anything else that moves quickly so wasn’t liked very much by the owners of chickens and any other small holding animals. This country has a lot of free roaming chickens and cats, so I am not the easiest dog to rehome in Thailand.

I love people and feel very confident around them. I am quick to bond with new humans and love to sit on their laps! Other dogs don’t always like me as I am quite small but very confident!



‘One of our treasured 'shy dogs'’

Hi! My name is Ming and I am a 6 year old female. Sadly, before I came to live at the shelter my two sisters and I were abused. We’re still affected by what happened to us and suffer from mental trauma. I have been at the shelter for such a long time that there is not very much information about what happened to me.

I am a very shy dog so I share a yard with dogs who are similar to me. I am very nervous and so I get very unsure when there are loud noises, unexpected events, or when people look me straight in the eye. Don’t worry- I bark to make sure that everyone else knows there might be danger! It takes me a long time to establish bonds with new people and I often run away when new people come to see me. I need a lot of help from Ian and the behavior trainers to get over my past! 


"Animal welfare matters.
Let’s be the difference."

- Luke Gamble, WVS Founder