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    Philanthropic giving offers you the opportunity to join us on the frontline of animal welfare. 

    Your generosity can make a huge difference. Whether you are a Trust or Foundation, or if you would like to personally contribute to improving the lives of animals worldwide, we would would love to work with you. 

    Why choose WVS?

    Since 2008 WVS has been sending out vet teams and veterinary aid to help the animals that need it most. In many cases the animals in need would not receive the necessary care without us. To make sure we continue delivering this essential resource, 85% of all the money we raise is spent on charitable work, directly where it is needed. Last year we:

    • Sent 702 parcels to animal charities in need 
    • Deployed 51 vet teams
    • Treated 24,954 animals
    • Trained 487 vets from across the world
    • Vaccinated 15,392 animals against rabies and other life-threatening diseases

    This would not be possible without the help of our supporters.