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Take part in a Marathon for WVS

Marathons are a great and fun way to raise money for WVS. Even if the thought of a full 26 mile marathon is too much there are half marathons or even less.

How about running a fun run dressed as your favourite animal?

You can find LOADS of dates for running marathons around the UK via this link

Remember for every £100 raised, we can buy a brand new surgical kit. Instruments are highly expensive but are essential for any neutering campaign. A good surgical kit can be used for many years and will go on to help countless animals globally.

Remember that there is a lot of training involved so head on over to our Marathon Inspiration page on Pinterest for advice on everything from diets to the best running shoes.

Just make sure to register WVS as your chosen charity when you start! Happy training!

Please feel free to contact our team for a fundraising pack:

Take part

If you would like to take part in this fundraising opportunity, please get in touch with WVS to register your interest. 

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