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WVS Parcel Appeal

Every week WVS receives calls for help from charities desperate to help the animals in their care.

A major part of our work is supplying charities all over the world with the medicines and equipment they need to treat animals in need. Last year we sent over 1,000 veterinary aid parcels to more than 200 charities in over 70 different countries. One 2kg parcel can go a long way, saving the lives of hundreds of animals across the globe. 

WVS can only make this a reality with the help of your kind donations.

Medical parcels can include anything from tick and flea treatment or bandages, to stethoscopes or suture equipment. No matter what size they are, they have a huge impact. Even the most basic treatment can improve an animal's life - and of course the charity we have helped is extrememly grateful too!  

Our parcels can cost as little as £12 right up to £500 depending on the contents; we can't do this alone! 

Please help us today by donating to our Parcel Appeal - you can be the difference.

How you can help

Donate to our appeal today! Every penny helps.