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Wildlife Rescue Centre

The story so far: In February 2016, WVS was alerted to a situation at a horrific zoo in Armenia.

The owner of the animals just disappeared, leaving the animals behind to starve.  Three lions called Mery, Zita and Gita were surviving on slaughterhouse scraps, provided by a kind hearted elderly couple who felt sorry for them.  Their plight caught the attention of 'The Daily Mail' newspaper and after numerous calls for help, we decided to take action.  We created a fundraising campaign to get the lions out of their tiny cages into a more suitable enclosure.  People were very generous and subsequently, we were able to work alongside a charitable organisation called the Foundation of the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets, by providing the materials to build the new enclosure. Due to this coalition, a new organisation was launched called the Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC).

So where are we now?  Well, on the 12th April 2016, the lions stepped out of their cramped cages for the first time in years - and although not ideal, this is still only a temporary enclosure until they can be transported to their new home in the UK.  This is the beginning of a wonderful journey for the lions, leaving a long term legacy for the future of Armenian wildlife.

The WRC will rescue native captive wildlife in Armenia including wolves, leopards, bears and lynx, giving them a brighter future and where any injured wild animals can have treatment and be released, the less fortunate captive animals will be treated and found permanent homes in sanctuaries.

It is estimated that there are sixty bears used as entertainment for the general public and tourists.  Many have their claws and teeth removed inhumanely to make them 'safer' to be around.  They are beaten with sticks to 'control' them and fed human scraps, rather than nutritious food they should be eating.  You can help us save these animals and give them a safer and happier environment.

How you can help

You can support this appeal by making a donation today to WVS. Every penny helps.