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Sponsor a Dog

One of the most effective ways that you can make a difference to the lives of our long term residents at our dog shelter in Thailand is to sponsor one each month. 

All of our dogs that we care for are available for adoption within Thailand, but due to the often traumatic experiences they have received before arriving to us, there are a few that have become long term residents. Our expert team of carers, behavioural staff and volunteers provide non-stop love and affection to them all and your gift will help ensure they get that extra level of care they deserve.

You can sponsor any of the 4 dogs below from just £5 per month (that's just over £1 per week!) For this, you will receive a personalised letter on behalf of your chosen dog, photos of your dog and a cuddly toy. You will also receive updates from your dog on a regular basis. There is a minimum requirement of 12 months for sponsorship, which will be renewed automatically after the initial 12 months, unless you choose to cancel your sponsorship. 

It is very easy to sponsor a dog, you just click on the 'SPONSOR' button underneath each dogs description and this will take you through to the monthly giving page. Please select the £5 per month option and in the 'Add a comment to your donation' add the name of the dog you want to sponsor. Sponsoring a dog makes an excellent Christmas gift and you can sponsor any of the below dogs on behalf of a loved one.


Pipo has been a resident of the shelter for two and a half years.  He was found abandoned in the old city and we suspect he was horribly abused based on his behavior towards humans.  He is slow to trust but has made huge improvements this past year.  It is proving difficult to find Pipo a home since he requires a special owner who is patient and will take the time to help rebuild his trust.



Elsa has sadly spent most of her life in the shelter. She is 7 ½ years old and has been a resident for the past 6 years.  She came into our care after she was hit by a car and was pregnant.  We were able to save Elsa but sadly her puppies didn’t survive.  


Chloe is another victim of a car accident.  Her injuries were so severe that she required an amputation.  She is a very shy dog and requires rehabilitation before she can be rehomed.  Chloe has been with us for about 4 months.



Cream is another dog that has spent most of her life in the shelter.  She is 6 ½ years old and was dumped at the shelter 5 ½ years ago.  We don’t know much of her story since she was abandoned and left tied up to the shelter gate.  She is friendly with people but can be territorial so finding her the perfect home has been challenging. 


How you can help

You can support this appeal by making a donation today to WVS. Every penny helps.