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SOS - Save Our Shelter

We urgently need your help

For a number of years we have had an International Training Centre and a rehoming shelter for animals in remote Northern Thailand. It is the only facility of its type within hundreds of miles and our only training centre in this part of Asia. Its influence covers many countries

Over 30 local people are employed at these facilities. Currently there are 120 animals in our care.

Each year we treat over 10,000 animals.

Previously we rented our centre, but the landlord now wishes to sell for development. We cannot viably relocate and there are thousands of animals in Thailand that need our help. We MUST continue.

We have until August to raise £250,000.

A similar facility in the UK would cost many millions. Without this money the centre will close. We cannot let this happen. Too many animals depend on this facility.

How you can help:


You could organise your own sponsored event such as entering a marathon, organising a coffee morning or whatever takes your fancy.

Anything you can do to help will be Hugely Appreciated

We have raised £19,068 so far!!


How you can help

You can support this appeal by making a donation today to WVS. Every penny helps.