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Donkey Appeal

Help us to make a lasting change for India's donkeys. 

In the Mettupalayam area, Tamil Nadu, donkeys are used to carry sand from the river bed to the nearest main road where it is collected by lorries. The owners rely on these donkeys for their livelihoods and subsequently, they are worked until they drop.

The tips of their ears are often removed, their nostrils sliced in the belief it aids airflow, and they typically carry wet sand almost equal to their own body weight. Broken legs, harness sores and dehydration are common problems and lameness is treated with branding. Life for these animals is hard, and their owners are often uneducated and impoverished, living in similar conditions to the donkeys. Road accidents are also a big problem for donkeys in India. They are seriously injured on a regular basis on unlit roads, with many of these accidents end in death.

There are no vets in the area and as a result there is no proper treatment available for any of these donkeys. 

Is this Preventable?

Many of these issues could be prevented with good veterinary care and education. If the owners are taught how to look after their donkeys properly, not only will the donkeys lead better lives, they will be more productive for the families who depend on them. Simple interventions such as soft rope hobbles opposed to wire or twine will significantly reduce erosive sores on the donkeys legs, which often leads to infection and sometimes even lameness. 

Our Solution 

WVS now runs a series of monthly workshops in the area training and educating the local community as well as treating and supporting the donkeys. By educating donkey owners we are offering a longterm solution, making sure that the next generation of donkeys and donkey owners know how to care for each other. 

To combat the problem with road traffic accidents, we have come up with a simple yet cost effective solution; high visibility safety collars. Just £5 will buy a donkey collar which could save their life.  

So far this has been a huge success, but we can only continue to offer this support with your help. 

Let's be the difference where it matters most!

How you can help

Donate to our appeal today! Every penny helps.