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WVS Ambassador Matt Wright Outback Wrangler Interview Part 1

In June 2015, we launched our Australian division with brand ambassador and National Geographic Channel personality, Matt Wright, the Outback Wrangler.

We established in Melbourne to provide services to animal welfare and conservation charities and projects based in the Australian, Polynesian and Melanesian regions.

Chopper pilot and animal expert, Matthew Wright has spent his life in the great outdoors drawn to creatures that most of us would run away from. Raised in the wilds of Papua New Guinea and the Australian outback, Matt became comfortable with wildlife, including deadly snakes, spiders and sharks, at a young age. Matt Wright is the perfect ambassador for WVS.

WVS Australia has already done projects such as the provision of Veterinary services to Bung Yarnda Indigenous community, in Gippsland Victoria. The opening of a new Veterinary International Training centre based in Thailand, to be supported with Australian expertise will be opening in October 2015 and, epidemiological studies related to crocodile behaviour in Australia and Papua New Guinea will be happening in 2016.