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Watch our Donkey Appeal

Hundreds of donkeys in India need our help.

Donkeys are a vital part of many local communities, but they are needlessly suffering. Often overworked in the stifling heat and carrying loads equal to their own body weight, they are pushed to the limits, with disastrous consequences. Broken legs, body sores and dehydration are common problems, but with no veterinary help nearby, these are often left untreated.

Unconventional techniques are being carried out in an attempt to help the donkeys, but often cause more pain and discomfort. Hot iron branding is applied to injury or lameness and cutting of the nostrils is carried out in an attempt to improve the donkeys breathing.

Through the WVS International Training Centre and in cooperation with the international charity WTG, we are working with the local communities and providing free mobile veterinary clinics. By educating the owners on animal welfare techniques and providing the donkeys with the veterinary care and attention they need, we can drastically improve their day-to-day life.

A small amount of knowledge can go a long way for the benefit of donkeys.

Please make a donation so we can help more donkeys in need. 

Text HELP36 followed by the amount (£1, £2, £5, etc) to 70070. Texts are free from the UK and 100% of your donation will go to WVS.